Skinny Legs Bar and Grill

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We are so excited for a new season this year!

Our hours are 11 am - 8 pm daily & we are accepting credit cards again.

We truly appreciate your support as we continue recovering from the devastation of Hurricanes Irma & Maria. Cheers!

The original "Skinny Legs" Moe and Dougie.

The original "Skinny Legs" Moe and Dougie.

Hello. By now, you've probably heard about Hurricanes Irma and Maria. They certainly devastated our beautiful island of St. John and our  beloved community of Coral Bay. But, if you've ever been here, you know we're a pretty tough bunch. So let me tell you that we're back! The beaches and hiking trails are cleared and open, villas have been refurbished and we are ready for you!

Skinny Legs is currently open Monday - Saturday from 12 to 6 pm and Sunday from 12 - 8:30 pm. We want to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who reached out to us, purchased gift certificates and merchandise and showed concern after the storms. We truly appreciate your kindness and support.

Welcome to Skinny Legs! You’ve reached the online home of our fantastic and funky bar and restaurant in beautiful Coral Bay, St. John.

Skinny Legs is located on the quiet side of a quiet island in the U.S. Virgin Islands. We are proud of the laid back atmosphere at our sail-cloth-for-a-ceiling, open-air bar and grill where you can relax with the locals and enjoy seriously good food and drinks at affordable prices.

Skinny Legs is now proudly owned by Doug Bean and his wife Jaime Elliott, who bought the business on April Fool’s Day 2012. But by that time, the bar had already been serving happy customers for more than two decades.

The original Skinny Legs owners, Doug “Dougie" Sica of New Jersey and Maurice “Moe” Chabuz of Massachusetts, opened the bar in May 1991 when there were only a few homes on the Coral Bay hillsides and a handful of boats in the harbor.

Moe and Dougie were best friends who worked at the famous Back Yard Bar in Cruz Bay together in the 1980s. With little more than their bartending and schmoozing expertise, the two took over what had been known before as Red Beards, renaming the establishment after their own sinewy stems.

Our logo of two men’s skinny legs was modeled after Moe and Dougie’s real gams. Dougie always wore knee-high athletic socks and Moe is the one with the white sneakers. Together, the two weathered hurricanes and divorces, welcomed babies and celebrated weddings and birthdays, all the while supporting the growing community of Coral Bay and St. John. From semi-regular no rules golf tournaments, the Coral Bay Open, to fund-raisers for ailing friends, women’s horseshoe tournaments, the Pitch and Bitch, and more, Skinny Legs has a long tradition of giving back to the people who have made it an iconic island establishment.

With its tradition of Same Day Service, Skinny Legs quickly became a beloved part of many people’s vacations and a home base for part- and full-time residents alike. After making Skinny Legs patrons laugh and smile for 15 years, Dougie passed away following a short illness in March 2006 at age 56.

Moe continued to run the bar by himself, but recruited Doug Bean to help with managerial duties. Bean started working at Skinny Legs as a prep cook in 2000 and over the years moved up to serve as waiter, bartender and, eventually, manager.

Moe and Bean ran the operation together until Moe decided that after 21 years, it was time to pack away his apron and enjoy life with his wife Toni Lacer. With family on both coasts and friends everywhere in between, Moe and Toni set out to travel in their RV and left the worries and wonders of island restaurant ownership behind.

Bean, originally from Northern California, and Jaime, a proud Jersey Girl, met in Oregon in 1999 and decided to escape the winter one year and check out this island they had heard about from a friend. The couple was planning to stay on St. John for just one winter, which turned into one year and then another and another.

The new "Skinny Legs" Doug and Jaime.

The new "Skinny Legs" Doug and Jaime.

Today Skinny Legs maintains its tradition as a family-friendly, affordable bar and grill where parents can enjoy a cold one while the kids play in the backyard. There are still bands, regattas, fundraisers, horseshoe tournaments and more; and we still promise that Same Day Service.

We’re famous for our burgers and have been named in Esquire Magazine’s Top 100 bars several times. But we also have great fish sandwiches, fresh salads and more. What we don’t have is a deep fryer or a blender. Don’t expect french fries with your burgers, they come with potato chips instead; and our drinks are so good, you won’t miss that noisy, annoying blender.

So come on out to Skinny Legs, a laid back bar in laid back Coral Bay, and be sure to check us out on Facebook and Twitter and check our Events Page to see what shenanigans we're up to.